Co - Founders Rod & Brook Thornley

Brook and Rod Thornley, the creative minds behind Human Art, bring together a powerful blend of expertise. Brook, an award-winning cosmetologist, artist and color expert who leveraged her understanding of color and visual trends to develop Human Art. Her experience presenting at the Global Hair Expo and being featured in Culture magazine, along with consultations with Pantone and prestigious organizations like Miss Utah, showcase her ability to bridge the gap between personal expression and established systems. Complementing Brook's focus is Rod, a licensed clinical social worker with over 30 years of experience in mental health. Rod's expertise in individual, family, and group therapy informs the foundation of Human Art, while his 16 years of dedicated research solidify its application in the counseling and social work fields. Together, their unique pairing offers both consultation and counseling services, making Human Art a program that impacts individuals and families on a positive and impactful level.


An award-winning cosmetologist, artist and color expert, Brook taught Human Art as a guest trainer at the Matrix Global Academy for 3 years, presented Human Art at the world-renowned Global Hair Expo in Australia in June 2008, and was featured in the April/May 2008 edition ofCulture, Europe’s leading fashion magazine. Brook also consulted with Pantone, the world’s leading provider of color systems, as a color expert in 2008. She also spent time as a consultant with the Miss Utah organization, the Miss Rodeo Utah, and Miss Rodeo USA organization, where her unique combination of tradition and trends are drawing attention on the national stage.


As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Rod has helped bring Human Art into the field of counseling and social work, where they have recently been accredited with the National Social Work Association. A mental health therapist who specializes in individual, family and group therapy, Rod has over 3 decades of experience in the mental health field. He also spent more than 20 years tracking the behavioral aspects of Human Art and its applications in the field.

What is Human Art?

Combining principles of art, design, color theory and psychology, Human Art is a one of a kind approach to understanding personality in a completely observable way.

Human Art teaches how we can merely look at someone and draw conclusions based on characteristics such as the colors they relate to, the lines in their bone structure, and the movement they display. These outward characteristics are clues to who we are on the inside.

There are four Harmonies or Designs—Saturated, Whitened, Grayed and Blackened—that people relate to. Named for the color wheel they relate to, each has distinct characteristics and personality traits associated with it that can be easily identified using principles of color, line, sound and movement.

Every person has some combination of these 4 Harmonies; usually one that is predominant and the other three providing influences in varying amounts to the way that harmony is manifested. The unique combination of these 4 Harmonies in every individual is known as their “Personal Design.” 

Using this unique methodology, we can find confidence and understanding of both ourselves and others. The knowledge of Human Art: The Original Personality Test can be used in all aspects of life: personal development, relationships, customer service and more.

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Human Art is a methodology combining correct principles from art, design, color and psychology theory. The principles find their way through everything you see around you. Everything in nature has an order, including mankind. It is a measurement, an equation that finally makes sense of our divine nature and how we were made. Human Art is a gift; it doesn't change who we are , it simply helps us recognize ourselves.

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